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Rabbits/hind leg paralysis.


Hey, I have a 12 week old buck named Muffin.
Yesterday i took him out of his cage for his usual morning play time (He is always inside the house) and I noticed that he wasn't himself. Within the first few minutes he had fallen over though managed to get himself up again and then after was just sitting still instead of running around like he usually does.

I took him to the vets in fear of "floppy bunny syndrome" and they told me that he has bruised spinal cord. I dont know how he would have done it because he is a good sleeper and doesnt run around in his cage as it is a small indoor one and the bedroom door is always locked during the night so nothing can scare him. He was given anti-inflammatory to help with whatever. The vet said he had a normal temperature and was eating, drinking and pooping on this day.

Today (day after the vet) he is sleepy, more so than usual, and is laying on the cage floor. He hasn't really moved much and is pooing and peeing where hes laying because he cant move. However he is managing to scratch himself with his hind legs?

Should I be worried or should I leave him to rest and get better? I also have some more oral anti-inflames for him to have this evening.

Hi Amber

Your poor bun! I recommend phoning your vet to report the change in behaviour. Do you have pain meds as well as anti-inflammatories?

He may be lethargic due to pain or there's something else going on. Phone your vet and see if they want to see him again.

Good luck!


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