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I have a large family with 10 children
each effort to give them a pet rabbit has ended up with 3 or so weeks of bliss then whether together or separated;the rabbits will die within days of each other
they will be eating one minute then be stretched on the floor with twitching and seizures
sometimes they recover then relapse a few days later
they will continue to twitch then seizure and die

what is more troubling is that I raise dogs on the same farm in separate facilities and occasionally the same happens to them
they will be fine one day ,sad the next and by nightfall be stretched out on the floor with seizures and death.

parvovirus titres are minimal
animal appears dazed and disoriented
no insect or animal bites
what can effect both species like that
how can I prevent or treat
the local vets have no idea

Hi Henry,
Unfortunately,there are so many reason's why a rabbit would die from seizures. I can't answer this properly without severe and thorough details on housing,feeding,and treatment towards these animals. There is definitely a serious problem enough to have great concerns on the well being of these animals. here is a list of questions you need to have answers for ,in hopes of getting any help or problems solved on this severe situation.
1:are they overpopulated? (dogs and the rabbits)
2:where is your source of receiving these animals ?(where do they live before you get them?)
3: what are they eating?
4:do they have any access to poison at all?
5:are they getting enough clean water?
6: are they being rough handled by anyone?
7:are they inbred?
8:is the building they live in safe and have fresh ventilation? Poor ventilation will cause many harmful effects on animals.
9: are they being frightened by anything/anyone?

Again,there can be many reasons for this terrible situation,and I cannot give you an answer with the details I have..hopefully you will get to the bottom of this,if not,I suggest you find the animals homes,and find an alternative to having pets such as these,especially if they are dying so often,and in such a terrible way. Best regards.


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