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Rabbits/dutch/new Zealand doe pregnant?


Hi,  I have a Dutch /new Zealand Cross that was bred with a Dutch/new Zealand
Buck on January 3 2014 (he finished twice and I checked her for sperm presence and it was so)
On the 13th her belly was big and firm I tried to palpate but had no idea how to tell.. I was very gentle
Today I went to check again (Jan. 22Nd 2014) and her belly is squishy
. Is that normal? Or did it not take?

breeding rabbits rarely doesn't take! LOL~ it's a 32 day gestation period till she delivers,and you won't feel anything in the belly until she's about 4 days before due or less.I don't recommend palpitating her belly anymore though,this can cause problems and you may cause unknown damage to any little unborn kitts.  She will deliver in the very early morning on the 32nd-day (approx) after being mated.
 If it is her first litter,she may only produce 4 or 5, being highly unlikely to feel anything from palpitating the belly.
Best regards,and enjoy the litter when they arrive!


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