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Rabbit scab
Rabbit scab  
We have a three year old mini lop doe which has recently been neutered.
Two weeks ago following getting her spaid we had a mixi jab in her back.
Two days ago we treated her with spot on as she seemed itchy.
Yesterday we noticed a large scab on her back. We have taken her to the vet but was wondering if you knew what it could be? The vet has suggested it may be a reaction to the jab but she hasn't had this reaction before. She has been prescribed anti bionics but we go away on holiday in two days and would like to know more before we go away. Please can you look at the photo and let me know your thoughts.
Many thanks

Hi Ben:

I apologize for taking so long to reply to you.  My area is in the peak of winter and we've had one snow and ice storm after another.  Each time I dig out of one, another hits.  The ice storms have caused the power lines to snap and when that happens I have no power, which means no computer or internet.  It's quite frustrating.

Here is the USA - any and all vaccinations to rabbits are illegal.  They have been proven to do more harm than good.  You could never find a vet to administer them, because they aren't legal.  Of course this means i'm not familiar with the reaction to a mixi jab, however, I can say that the scab looks well into the healing process, not infected in any way and if the scab is in the same location of the injection - then without a doubt that was the cause.

There is no need to medicate; this will heal on its own.  If your vet prescribed antibiotics, I hope he also told you that you must give probiotics at the same time?  If you give a rabbit antibiotics without probiotics, it will destry their intestinal flora and in 4-6 weeks the gut will no longer be able to properly digest and you'll have a rabbit with severe cecal dysbiosis (runny, water poops).  It's customary in the US to always give probiotics with antibiotics, and I can only imagine that is true in Europe.  But if not, please get them and begin a 2 week course ASAP.  

Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

Best regards,

Lisa L.


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