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My family had a 2 year old Holland Lop, who loved to be held and cuddled.  We bought her from a breeder when she was 8weeks old.  We kept her in a large wood condo,home built, with a bedroom and sitting area on the top floor and litterbox with play area on the bottom floor.  Her cage was outside, underneath our covered deck, for protection from weather and sun.  This morning my daughter and I went out to feed the bunny and clean her cage and we found her dead in her bed, with some kind of red mass coming out of her rear end, and blood on her bottom and in her bed.  I'm not sure if the mass was from her genital area or bottom, but it was about the size of a quarter in diameter, and round in shape, much like a ball.  Two days ago we had the bunny in the house for some exercise.  She seemed fine then, and didn't have any legions on her bottom, but she did smell like urine.  I had noticed that her litterbox seemed to have more urine in it than usual for the last couple of weeks, but she was eating and drinking the same as always.  I had my daughter clean the Bunnys bottom with soap and water to take away the smell, then we but her back in her cage, and she seemed fine.  Do you have any idea what might have caused her to die?

Dear Marci

I am very sorry about the loss of your bunny.  This is one reason that we at the House Rabbit Society recommend that bunnies not be housed outdoors, as it is much more difficult to monitor health when the bunny is not inside, interacting with the family.  By the time a problem is discovered, it is often too late.  I am sorry you had to learn this the hard way.

Without seeing your bunny or the problem, it is impossible for me to know the cause of death.  A bloody mass coming out of her nether regions could have been anything from a prolapsed uterus to a tumor to a prolapsed rectum.  it is also not impossible that a predator, such as a raccoon, was able to grasp the bunny's rear end through the wire of the cage and pull until fatal harm was done.  This would not be the first time I've heard of this happening, and it is one of the most important reason to keep your bunny inside, especially at night.

Only a necropsy would give more insight into the cause of death, since there are so many possibilities.

I am very sorry for your loss.



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