I have rescued two rabbits that were born in captivity and are about 5 months old and keep them in a large cage.  I want to know if I section off part of my large yard and install fencing that they cannot get through will they burrow out.  I was thinking of putting wire fencing bent at a 90degree angle so they could not dig near the fencing.
Thank you for your attention to this question.  I look forward to a speedy reply.
Joy N. Love
171 Crenshaw St.
Mobile, Al 36606

Dear Joy,

Sorry for the delay due to an ongoing family emergency.

For all you need to know about rabbit care, please see:


Outdoor housing is not ideal, and in Alabama you need to be sure to provide protection from weather and temperature extremes.  To "bunny proof" a yard, it's generally advisable to install a concrete footer at least 24" deep at the base of the fence, and *at least* cat fencing along the top of the fence to exclude most predators:


This won't protect against hawks, though.  A complete covering of the enclosure will be necessary for that, and the buns will benefit from plenty of bushes and hiding places inside.

I hope this helps.  Good luck with your new pals!



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