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QUESTION: "Hello! I wonder if you could help me, the skin on my rabbit is really dry and looks like dandruf, where its been so dry the skin has a slit and there is a small opening wound which I do not know how to hep it heal! Its a small rounded patch in the middle of his back, he is 8 years old and healthy. I would appreciate if you could give me some advice on how to help the wound heal and help the skin from being so flaky.

Many thanks,Katrina"

ANSWER: Hi Katrina,
 It sounds a lot like eczema, and in the winter months is pretty common. I would treat the area(cracked skin) with tea tree oil and do this 2 times a day..the condition should clear up within a couple days..you might consider putting a humidifier in the room where your bunny is living, will help a lot with the dryness :)

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QUESTION: Thankyou for your last reply, it was most helpful and we are treating it now. Also I was wondering if it's normal for an 8 year old males testicles going moudly looking, as I've just noticed today. Its gone darker and has lots of little air bubbles on them.

Looking forward to hearing your reply, Katrina

ANSWER: Hi again Katrina!
 I'm not sure exactly what you mean by moldy...can you send me a very clear close pic,then I can establish where we are at. Has he never been neutered?  Neutering is the best way of avoiding any testicular illness' including cancer. If you can bring him to be seen by your vet,then that would be my first suggestion. Having him neutered still may be your best option.
Good luck!
p.s If you tried adding a little grape seed oil to the rabbit with the dry skin's water,you will also see improvement along with the treatment you're doing.

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top of the back, behind the neck
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QUESTION: Hi Elizabeth , I couldn't take a picture of his genitals but the Real problem is still the skin as now it's split apart, with the fur still attached to the skin and you can now see the dark underneath skin which you couldnt see before. We believe the tea tree oil has dried it up even more but it did heal the wounds... should we still apply the grapeseed oil to it as we have once? Should we be concerned or will the fur change naturally!? Ive attached some photos which we took a couple of days ago when we first noticed it was cracked, it worse now as it's obviously stretched more where he's been grooming himself.

Thankyou Katrina

Hi Katrina,
I suggest bringing your rabbit in to see your vet to have a skin scraping done,and to determine whether or not you're dealing with a bacterial infection or fungus infection,which could be the cause. They can also determine whether or not you have mites(there are 4 different types in rabbits)
this way,they will  give you the proper medication that tea tree oil or other home remedy's couldn't do to cure a simple eczema condition. If there is a bacterial or fungus in there,you need veterinary care..best of luck!


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