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Hi, to start thank you so much for reading this! I have owned two rabbits for over five years now and I decided to foster a rabbit. I brought home Bonnie a few days ago and right away I noticed her behavioral issues. To start she is afraid of human touch, whenever I touch her she will allow me to but she gets very scared and slightly shakes and her heart races. Another thing is if I try to pick her up she will claw and do anything to avoid this and then she will run in circles for a long time and then go to a corner and shake. I really want to help her become adoptable so I tried a passive method. I sat in a pan with her and read for hours in multiple sessions. I let her come up and sniff me and walk around me. I tried many times to offer her a small treat and pet her but she still got scared and repeated the same things. Do you have any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again so much.

Hi Ellee,

Do you give her a box that she can hide in?  I would continue to do the reading thing but put a cardboard box in her x pen.  I turn them upside down and cut holes on both ends so they don't feel trapped.  It will take a lot of patience but hopefully she will start to realize that humans aren't so bad.  I wish I could offer you more ideas but it seems you are already doing what you can.

I wish you and Bonnie luck.



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