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Rabbits/Baytril dose for UTI


Hi Cat
My bunny Moshu was diagnosed with UTI. Since I come from a nation that isnt very rabbit savvy, we diagnosed UTI solely on the basis of symptoms and no tests. (Symptoms were urinary incontinence, sudden increase in water intake, excessive lethargy, decrease in appetite, urine scald, peeing in small quantities, uneasy posture and strain while urinating)

My vet prescribed Moshu Enrofloxacin at 25 mg once a day (Moshu is 6 months old and approximately 1 kg) for 21 days.

I want to confirm whether or not this dosage is right. I can see improvement in terms that her appetite has improved, there is no urinary incontinence, the fur loss around the genital region has stopped and she isnt peeing in small quantities.

Hi Avantika

I'm afraid I'm not a vet and I'm not particularly good with doses. You could try asking this on this forum where there may be others who have dealt with that particular medication and UTIs

With those symptoms I would recommend asking if they can check the kidney and bladder for stones, rabbits have odd ways of dealing with calcium intake, and excess calcium can cause painful kidney and bladder stones - basically causing the same issues with pain peeing as it does in humans! Excess water intake can indicate kidney issues also.

Glad to hear she is improving though! Make sure you keep her nice and clean downstairs.

Good luck!


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