We have a one and a half-year-old neutered half mini lop rabbit who is very much loved and I have noticed for quite some time that he will not eat any of the hay we get him. He loves his pellets and fresh veggies etc but will not eat Timothy or orchard hay. Any suggestions?


Try another source for your hay products - tap into your local bunny rescues, or go with another small animal rescue (guinea pigs, for example, have similar diets) to see where they get their hay from and see if you can get onboard with their sources if they're different from what you have access to. Sometimes the cut of hay also matters - some bunnies prefer the coarse first cut of hay while others prefer the softer and thinner second cut.

The other thing I can suggest is to switch bun's pellet to one that is hay-based to sorta sneak in the hay. Mazuri makes a good one: http://www.mazuri.com/rabbit.aspx

Hope this helps. Best of luck!


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