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Rabbits/Litterbox issues.


I have had this nuetured young male rabbit for 2 and a half months and he still wont use the litterbox unless i keep him in a very small cage where he has no choice but to go in the box. All he wants to do is sleep in them. In his play pen he has 3 boxes and still wont use them! And yes i do put his poop and soiled pee in his boxes. I've tried the hay in the box and all that still no luck. I've tried everything and i grow tired to the point where im considering to giving him away. He's a very loving rabbit but i cant keep cleaning up pee messes every time he goes. Hes an indoor rabbit. If u can answer thanks.


I want to preface what I'm about to say with a warning - not all bunnies are litter box capable. Some will simply have no interest in using them. Every bun is different. That being said, I'll do my best to offer some help here. A few suggestions/ideas that come to mind:

-What are you using in the litter box? Care fresh? Bedding? Yesterday's news? Try switching that up - he may not like what you have in there. Keep adding the hay to it as well though.

- How big is the litter box? If it's just barely large enough for the bun, he'll see it as a cozy place to lay. Give him a box with some room to move, and keep in mind that sometimes bunnies will kick out some of their waste when they exit.

-Are there other pets in the house? This could be territory marking.

-You've not had your bunny for long. It's possible that bun is just trying to master his space. I'd start with a small area, then grow it gradually as bun gets used to his environment. Once he masters his space, he'll probably pick one area where he'll want to go. Whatever he's soiled, put it in the box, and put the box where he's chosen to go (this is typically how bunnies are trained to use them, and I can't really tell from your information above if you started out this way, so you may need to back up and attempt it using this method).

Hope this helps!


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