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We bought a very small, broken chocolate, Netherlands Dwarf from a breeder about 31/2 years ago.  He is absolutely stunning and a real love bug.  However, in the past week or so he has started twitching his head from side to side and his eyes seem to jump.  He has also had a couple of instances where he has fallen over.

We took him to the vet today and she pronounced him in great health with good ears, eyes, weight, respiration, temperature and heart rate.  We’ve just got back and put him back in his cage and now, not even an hour later, he’s started doing it again.  It’s strange as he doesn’t do it all the time. He is also eating normally and pooping and peeing normally.

Do you have any suggestions as to what might be wrong with him so we can talk to the vet about it and how to treat him. Thank you.


The symptoms you're describing sound like it could be E.C., but if it was, I feel like it would have fully developed by now and your vet certainly would have been able to diagnose that relatively easily. It might also be ear mites... but I'm just not certain. See if you can get some film footage of the behavior to show your vet. I'd also ask - did your vet do any bloodwork? I'd request that from them as well.


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