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QUESTION: I use glass water bottles that have metal double-ball spouts for my house bunnies.  The bottles and spouts are rinsed and refilled daily.  Is it okay to wash them with dish soap (and rinsed well), and how often should they be washed?


Sorry for the lack of response. I didn't realize there was a question waiting for me. Yes, these water bottles are okay. They should be rinsed and refilled daily. Personally, I use bowls that attach to the side of the cage, but that's all your bunny's preference.

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QUESTION: I think you missed part of the question -- is it ok to wash them with dish soap and how often should they be washed?  What about gravity water feeders -- how often should they be washed?

They should be rinsed and refilled daily - and that should include a thorough washing. Dish soap is fine, just rinse well. You don't want any pesky bacteria hanging out in corners or crevices.

I wash everything daily, but that's just me. I wouldn't go for more than a week without this type of cleaning though.


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