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We are still having issues in getting answers from our vet regarding our Netherlands Dwarf rabbit.  We received the blood work back ($350!)and it would seem that nothing is conclusive.  She told us that he 'could' have been exposed to EC or has kidney disease.  Since we took him to see the vet, he is back to good health, eating well and very active.  They now want to do a urinalysis to see if there are any problems with his kidneys. He hasn't had any more of the seizure-like activity.  She is not keen on putting him on any kind of antibiotic or treatment for EC and wants to take a 'wait and see' type of action. My question is, if he has been exposed to EC wouldn't it be very evident from the blood work done and, would he still have periods of normalcy? We are very confused and don't know where to go.  My daughter is distraught at the thought of him being sick, but my pockets aren't bottomless and $6-700 in testing without any clear diagnosis is excessive. Thanks


If he stopped with the symptoms that had you concerned to begin with and his blood work came back negative for anything, I might hold off on further action/testing with the vet. If he had ec, it would DEFINITELY have been evident by now, and ec is one of those things where it doesn't magically appear and disappear once the symptoms present. Maybe, as strange as it sounds, he had a hair growing in at a funny angle or something similar - an issue that would have eventually resolved itself and was simple enough (or not medically treatable) that it wouldn't have been considered.

Just thinking outside the box... let me know if I can help further.



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