Im thinking of keeping rabbit and would appreciate it if you could help answer a few of my questions.

1) Approximately in kilograms, how much do rabbits eat a week?

2)how easily are they potty trained?

3)How much destruction will a rabbit do around the house?

4)We are a family with four children, so would one rabbit be OK on its own or do we still need two?

5)What is the minimum size enclosure a rabbit needs?

6)Do rabbits get along with pet ferrets?


Dear Helana,

I'm so glad you're doing some "homework" before deciding to bring a rabbit (or two) into your home.  They are actually high maintenance pets, more akin to a horse than to a dog or cat.  They have complex dietary requirements, and need a veterinarian who knows the special medical needs of a rabbit.  A good place to start is here:


In answer to your specific questions:

1) Approximately in kilograms, how much do rabbits eat a week?

It is really not possible to answer this in kg, since this depends on the type of food.  But you can get an overview of proper rabbit diet here:


2)how easily are they potty trained?

Once spayed/neutered, rabbits have a natural tendency to use a litterbox and do their "business" in one spot.  For tips on litter training, please see:


3)How much destruction will a rabbit do around the house?

It depends on the rabbit and his/her personality.  They like to chew and dig, and this natural tendency does not always go away upon spay/neuter.  To live with a rabbit is to compromise.  If you have problems with damage to furniture, then a bunny might not be the ideal pet for you.  Not all rabbits are destructive, but they often are when young (as many animals are!).  

4)We are a family with four children, so would one rabbit be OK on its own or do we still need two?

How old are the children?  Rabbits, despite what you might hear from breeders or pet shop owners, are NOT good pets for rambunctious children.  They are better suited for adults, and--even in a household with children--the adult must always be the primary caregiver.  Before you decide on a rabbit (and two is always better than one, as long as they are carefully bonded), please read:




5)What is the minimum size enclosure a rabbit needs?

Rabbits should live indoors, and I never house a rabbit (even a small one!) in anything smaller than 36" x 36" x 24"(tall).  The bunnies should have toys, cardboard boxes, and lots of enrichment when they are in the pen. But they need several hours of free running time per day to stay happy and healthy.

You can view some rabbit set-ups here:


6)Do rabbits get along with pet ferrets?

This could be a deal-breaker.  Rabbits absolutely do NOT get along with ferrets, which have a natural instinct to kill rabbits.  It can take only a second for a ferret to deliver a lethal bite to the neck.

If you have pet ferrets, please do not consider getting any rabbits if they will be anywhere naer the ferrets.  I wish I could un-know some of the horror stories I know about this bad combination.

I hope this information will help you make the right decision.

Happy New Year!



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