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hello I have a four "bonded" rabbits. I say "bonded" because 10 percent of the time they get along but the other 90 they pick on the younger girl.. I usually find her hair all over the cage when I come home from the I guess fighting that went on. At what point do I say enough is enough and separate them? I want her to be and live a happy life.

Dear Carla,

You say you find hair all over the *cage*.  What size cage is it for four rabbits?  It would have to be enormous to properly house four and allow room for a subordinate rabbit to escape the bullying of the other three.  They are just exhibiting normal rabbit social behavior--but apparently don't have quite enough room to make it work for all of them.

It's not fair to the Omega Rabbit to let this continue without giving her safe refuge.  In many group warrens, there is a bunny who's at the bottom of the social hierarchy.  That bunny can usually avoid injury just by running away when the dominant rabbits feel like pulling rank.  But if there is no room to run away, that subordinate bunny's life will become torture.

Please increase the size of their enclosure to *at least* 12' x 12', if not allow them all free roam of the house, and provide plenty of boxes and other places where the subordinate rabbit can hide.  That way, subordinate bunny can escape and take refuge and be able to show proper submissive behavior that will keep her from getting beaten up.  If the cage is too small, she can't get away, the others will react as if she's not showing proper "respect" by fleeing far enough, and the rest is history.

For tips on how to make your bunnies happy house rabbits, please see:

I hope this helps.



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