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I have a 6month old blue eyed white lion head I also got his sister at the same time she seemed perfectly fine but when I came in from work one afternoon 2 weeks after getting her she had sadly died, we still have the brother who has always been really quiet but about 3 weeks ago he had a fit I went in like I always did talking to him through the cage so he new I was there and put is food in but he just started running so fast into the sides of his hutch then lay twitching really stiff when he stopped I wrapped him in a towel and lay him on my knee as I didn't think he would make it but after a little while he got up and acted like nothing has happened he's now doing the same thing most days but after a few minutes he's back to his usual self what should I do? Thanks in advance Chelsea

Hi Chelsea

Sorry to hear about your bun. I do wonder, if you had siblings and one has passed, if this is a genetic abnormality.

I would recommend getting your bun to the vet asap for a full MOT. Ask them to check for the EC parasite which does effect the brain and can cause fits. The parasite can also prove fatal if it doesn't get treated. If its an all clear there, blood tests and a scan would be a good idea, make sure there isn't a deficiency or an abscess or tumour causing problems.

Definitely a trip to the vet. Make sure you've got a good exotic bunny-savvy vet, not all vets know their rabbits!

Good luck!


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