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Bunny Newborns
Bunny Newborns  
Hi, I have three newborn bunnies since I breed my male and female and this is my 5th litter. The newborns are two days old and two of them are doing great, already getting signs of fur and very healthy looking but the third one seems to have a skin issue that I am worried about. it is located on its back and it has white scaly portions where fur wont grow or is avoiding currently. I will attempt to add a photo.

Hi Sarah,
I have been looking into this for some time and my only opinion here is to have a vet look ast it. I have honestly never seen this before in a newborn baby rabbit..If you can't get to a vet, I would suggest treating the skin with olive oil,or coconut oil..being careful that you only treat the affected area and nowhere else. the oil should soften the dryness,and sooth it. Good luck,& best regards,,please keep me posted.


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