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At 6am yesterday my rabbit Marley was healthy,eating,jumping around. When I went to see him in the afternoon he refused his food. I took him to the vet who checked him over & said all was fine,though he might have a fur ball. She put him on his back to check hs teeth & tease a matted area of faeces. Marley was so stressed & breathing fast. She then gave him 3 injections,meta am 0.10ml,metocloperamide 0.24 vial & baytril 0.48ml. I took him home & he didn't leave his carrier,he seemed doped up but he tried to eat.I put him in his room with lights out & he got more drunk like. By 9pm he kept trying to move then would fall like he was really drunk,it looked like mini seizures almost,then he passed away. I feel like the medication while he was so stressed may have caused this but I don't know. He was almost 7yrs,strong & a house rabbit. He was supposed to get his booster in October but we were so busy so he was due to go tomorrow. Did I cause this or the vets or does it sound like something else? I'm in bits & just hate not knowing what happened.

Hi Kristina,
Unfortunately it sounds like the death was caused by the trauma and stress of the vet visit. A rabbit's nervous system is super sensitive and in very stressed situations or fear, can be the cause of death. I am not understanding why your vet gave injections at all..or why he/she put the rabbit on it's back,,both those things are unnecessary and will cause fear and stress. I don't advise on giving house rabbits any boosters or vaccines,it's too dangerous, and can cause heart palpitations. I'm not sure your vet is trained in  specifically treating exotic pets,such as rabbits,but the procedure sounds unlikely.

 I hope this can ease your mind,,you did your best in doing what you thought was the right thing, at  7 years old,your rabbit obviously had a good loving life from you, so take comfort in that,,best regards,and my condolences on your loss :(  


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