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I have a 7 year old bunny who keeps getting recurrent corneal ulcers on her right eye. She is being treated at the moment with chloramphenicol. She has been on fucithalmic but became resistant to it. She was treated on gentamycin prior to the chloramphenicol. Usually, it does the trick. But this time when I put the gentamycin in both her eyes swelled up. I stopped the gentamycin and the swelling was reduced.

The vet said that the main problem was because her eyelid becomes swollen and this results in the eye lashes turning downwards scratching her cornea. She is on metacam already as she has arthritis.

I would be very grateful for your advice. Do you think it would be worth removing her eye lashes and is there any preventative treatment? Is there a reason why her eyelid gets inflamed?

Many thanks,


Hi Hung-Szi,
This is a fairly common problem I have seen in rabbits,,I definitely do not recommend removing her eyelashes. You can simply add anti-biotic antibacterial eye drops such as polysporin,and hopefully this will kill the infection causing the swelling..treat the eye for 10 days,then give a drop once a week afterwards once it has cleared up..the weekly drop will help prevent any further infections,,
best of luck,


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