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Rabbits/Should I get a second rabbit, or would it create problems?



I have a two year old rabbit.  I am her primary care giver.  I've only had her since she was a baby and no other rabbits.  We've bonded a lot and she responds to me very well.  However, I am moving for 6 months and where I am headed, I am not able to take her with me, so my family will be looking after her during this time.  I worry, however, about her getting lonely while I'm gone because of my family not playing with her like I do.  I've considered getting a second rabbit, but I worry about her not getting along with this second rabbit and it being pointless and just giving my parents more to take care of while I'm gone.  She gets along with cats, but I haven't watched her with other rabbits since she was a baby at the pet store.  Do you have any suggestions?


Hi Larissa,
I like to see people caring for the well being of their rabbits! I suggest telling your family to keep her in a place of their home where she will see people a lot,and get a lot of interaction with them,even if they aren't actually 'playing' with her.  Having the company of other's being and living in the same surroundings makes a big difference between being happy and being lonely. Getting another rabbit is definitely;y not a good idea nor is it the time for it..Rabbits very rarely accept other's especially at being 2 years old.
Hope this helps,best regards.


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