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Hello.  My 11 year old house bunny (rescue) has developed sore hocks and I have talked with her vet this morning (50 miles away in Williamsburg, VA and we're trying to avoid the stress of a trip for her) and she mentioned some type of 'bunny shoes' that she heard about at a conference in Orlando, FL not too long ago.  I've searched all over the internet trying to locate them, but have had no luck.  Just so you know we've placed rubber mats on all of her carpet this morning and we use yesterdays news as litter. My husband and I adore our sweet Binkster.. any help you can give us would be greatly appreciated.  She has become more fragile due to her age, but she still seems to be very happy (and still lives up to her name with binkies) and has a very good quality of life.  Thanks again, Robin

Hi Robin,

I have never heard of bunny shoes but I can tell you of a cream that is being recommended by many exotic vets.  It is called Heal X Soother Plus.  You can find the web-site here with order information:


We have used this on everything from abscesses, ringworm and sore hocks and have found that it is absolutely amazing.  I suggest you check out the case studies also.  I didn't believe they were true until we witnessed it ourselves.


The other thing I suggest is a product called CirQlate.  It is made by the OxyGen company.  Many of their products are geared towards breeders but we have been using the CirQlate on animals that have injuries or after spay/neuter surgery.  I was not able to find any case studies but it did save a leg of one of our bunnies that was rescued after it was attacked by rats.  The bunny recovered fully within 28 days which made me believe that it really is a great product.  If you call the number on the site they will tell you how to order.  


I hope your bunny is feeling better soon.  

Good luck



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