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Rabbits/what should you suggest?


Breed of rabbit:Autralian (so said my friend)

Sex of rabbit Female

Age of rabbit: 1 month

Is the rabbit spayed or neutered : no

The rabbit is housed indoors.

The rabbit in on solid floors.

How many rabbits you have and are they housed individually or are they living together in a community: i have currently 1 because she was a gift.

taffy is a white rabbit, with some unusual behaviors, such as licking. (is it ok to lick us?) she often follows us around the house. and jumps almost everywhere. i am trying to make her a cage any suggestion on whether or not i'll just let her roam around? also her diet is on pigeon pellets is that ok? and i'm using bermudagrass or carabao grass. sometimes i give her some treats such as a bit of cookie and banana. i made her a litter box from a tray and covered the bottom with paper and covered it with hay.But she often scatters her droplets all around the floor which i usually sweep afterwards.

hi i have 18 rabbits all in individual cages.
rabbits lick you to get  salt from your skin and is normal.if she is a house rabbit she still needs a cage to sleep in.
buy some proper rabbit pellets and don't feed cookies or bananas they will maybe give her the runs.
keep the litter box but it may take time for her to use it.


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