Lisa, they have like $100 worth of toys, but in the room!  Thank you for your wonderful advice, no more play time together, I love my bunnies very much and I don't want anything to happen to either one of them!

Rabbits are weird..... lovable, but weird :) You can spend endless amounts of money on toys and they ignore them....  They rarely play with toys while out of the cage because exploring takes priority; no time for toys. Toys in the cage can sit for extended periods of time, but when they get in the playing mood - they really play.  Good toys are hay stuffed inside a toilet paper or paper towel roll.  Pinecones (fresh, not treated) they LOVE pinecones and they are edible.  If you have a pinetree in your area - stock up this fall.  Pinecones come every other year and this year is a pinecone year - last year wasn't.  They like (clean) rocks - the smoothe ones that they can roll around and love empty tin cans, as long as you use something to smoothe the sharp edges.

Hope this gives you good ideas.

Best of luck.



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