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Rabbits/Baby bunny stopped growing and not gaining weight


QUESTION: I have a 6week old rabbit that is not doing so well he seems to have stop growing in size he like the size of a 3week old and he is supper skinny and will not gain any weight I have been taking him out and feeding him by him self so that I know he is eating and he is still nursing off his mom so he getting plenty of food and he is drink lot of water and all of his litter mates r doing fine but him what do u think is the cause of this

ANSWER: Summer - there's a lot more information needed here. Some things that might help to clear things up:

Is he nursing on mom at all?
What are his poops like?
What are you feeding him when you say you're doing so by hand?
Also, what is this litter living in as far as environment - are they indoor or outdoor? A hutch? Type of bedding?

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QUESTION: Yes he is nursing on his mom still iv seen him do it and his poop is solid and iv been feeding him carrot, cabbage, grain, and hay. He is liveing outdoors in an XLarg hutch.

ANSWER: Summer - first things first, stop giving them the carrots and cabbage. They're not good for a bunny so young. Even when you do start feeding carrots again - only in small quantities. They're really high in sugar.
What kind of "grain" are you feeding it?
What kind of hay are you providing? Your bunny, being only 6 weeks old, should be almost exclusively on momma's milk and a timothy hay or an orchard grass diet - ONLY.

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QUESTION: Well he gets most of the carrots and cabbage when I feed it to mom and he eats grain all day long with his mom and he get timothy with little bit of alfalfa cuz I put that in the cage with mom so she douse not loss to much weight and its just the plain pellets that I give them and I don't really think what in feeding him is causing this his brothers and sisters r doing just fine and they eating the same stuff

Summer - greens and treats shouldn't really be introduced to a bunny younger than 3 months (I'd even say 6 months to be safe). I understand they get some because mom is eating it, but if that's the case then I would REALLY suggest cutting out the carrots entirely and sticking with a variation of healthy leafy greens.

"he eats grain all day long with his mom " - again... what KIND of grains are you referring to here?

"I don't really think what in feeding him is causing this his brothers and sisters r doing just fine and they eating the same stuff" - well it's got to be something. Was he the runt, by any chance?
He's still alive so he's getting the nutrition he needs to sustain life (and keep his poops normal - a good indicator for bunnies), but perhaps all the extra goodies he's getting aren't really doing much for his growth development. You asked me to determine what might be causing it and, without actually having your bunny in my presence to look at further and not having you here to have a quicker conversation in person, my hypothesis for now is that it's the food.


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