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My family recently found a baby rabbit in our back yard
havent seen the mother for 2 days so we took it in
Its eyes are still shut and I was told to feed it supplement
or replacement puppy milk till I can get it to a vet.
Is there anything I should worry about as it is not a
familar animal for me. also what is the difference betweent
domesticated and wild baby bunnies as my son wants to keep it

many people have tried to save baby wild rabbits the odds are it will not make it

Puppy replacement is not good cat milk would be your best bet.
wild rabbits are different than domestic rabbits in many ways mainly their dietary needs .
Jack rabbits are actually hares they are born with hair &their eyes are open .cotton tails are more like domestic rabbits.
Its unusual that you found this one away from its nest.
Normally they stay in their nest until they can run away from danger.the mothers usually make the nest well out of sight of predators.
Good luck


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