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I have a bonded pair of netherland dwarf rabbits age 11months dob 1/5/13. I was told they weren't siblings but they were raised by the same mum but other info has since been proven incorrect so I am not 100% sure about that. We have tried to breed twice. The first litter of 3 contained 2stillbornand the 3rd died at 3 days old. On Tuesday we had a litter of 4 born. They all appeared fine but 1 was noticeably smaller. The smallest died on Friday. Yesterday we discovered on had somehow got out of the cage and crawled about 3 feet. It felt quite cool when I picked it up to put it back so I covered it with bedding to try to warm it up. Mum immediately went to it and started to lick it and appeared to feed it later. This morning we discovered this one had died and another had escaped this time crawling 5 foot it was still really warm to touch. This afternoon another one died do to know if it was the one that was out but don't think so. So we only have one baby left. I spoke with a vet who just says don't touch the babies and leave mum to do it. I don't want to risk breeding again if this is going to keep happening as it's not fair on her or my children who obviously get very distressed. I don't know why the babies keep dying is it bad luck or something I'm doing wrong. The two parent rabbits are well looked after much loved family pets. They have a large cage in my lounge free from excess heat or draughts and get lots of affection and chance to hop about as they wish. They are fed appropriately and am don't get treats unless it is veg. What am I doing wrong? Please help

hi louise firstly they must be in a secure place where they cannot get out and once they are born you must not interfere at all for at least a week just feed the doe as normal the buck must not be in the same cage as the young because it may turn on them and try to kill them
he should be on his own whilst she brings them up and can be re introduced at 4-5 weeks when they are running about.


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