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I have two questions i wanted to know more information about.  I  have a  Dutch  bunny,  she's about   two years old now. We are really close. And anytime i am outside with her she  starts humping my arm. It always seems to happen right after i cuddle with her.  

Also what would be a good  flooring for rabbit cages?

ANSWER: Cindy,

Is your Dutch fixed? If not, that's most likely it.
Mounting is a sign of domination - asserting herself as the head bunny in charge. I wonder if she's not smelling something outside that makes her feel the need to dominate.

I'd be curious to see a picture of your rabbit enclosure to get a better idea of what you're working with. Depending on your bunny's particular habits (is she a chewer? a digger?), you could opt for fleece blankets. Others get scraps of carpet from local home improvement stores. Whatever you choose, it should be something that will keep her from slipping as she could injure herself. If you have a cage that allows for a bedding, you could also use shaved wood chips. Absolutely NO cedar - it's poisonous. I use Aspen bedding myself.

Hope this helps.

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Bunny Hutch
Bunny Hutch  
QUESTION: Oh sorry no my Dutch bunny is not fixed. The only thing i can think of that she is smelling is our lion head bunny or cats. My Lion head bunny is about one year old and is also not fixed. When my lion bunny started showing sign of her hormones changing they both kept mounting on each other. And when i mean hormone signs, is when she started peeing orange color. But they have not mounted on each other for a long time. My lion head bunny has never mounted on me. Also what i have notices is my dutch bunny only mounts me when were both alone and together and my lion head is not with us. Because what i usually do is set up a big cage fence on my lawn so my rabbits can run in the grass with out running to far where i cant see them or a cat is near. My rabbits have been having a rocky relationship, from time to time one would be more aggressive to the other. But lately my dutch bunny seem like shes trying to have a good relationship with my lion head bunny. But my lion head bunny is too scared and runs away.
Here's a picture of one of the cages. Usually the bottom has a metal plate under it. Upstairs is fulled with wood shavings. My butch bunny made a nest area from the food shavings and poop and pee down stairs.

Oh and thier both girls.

ANSWER: Ok. The mounting is most likely due to not being fixed, especially now that you're mentioning this second girl bunny. Your lionhead doesn't have to be around. Remember they can leave a scent behind and your dutch may be smelling that, and as female rabbits mature they become quite territorial.
I'd also recommend getting both your girls fixed. There's a high chance of uterine cancer in female bunnies and they're about the age where the risk starts increasing exponentially.
Hormone changes are not marked by orange urine. Bunny urine can be anything from the color of our urine to a reddish brown and everything in between. Bunnies usually reach sexual maturity by 6 months.

As for the flooring, a nice outdoor rated carpet with a tight weave should do well for the enclosure.

Are you trying to bond them? Some of what you mention here makes me think you'd like to.

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QUESTION: Yes and no.  Like I'll have them out together and thier fine. But my lion bunny is to scared of trying to bond. So when i see that my dutch bunny is trying to cuddle with her. I start petting my lion head bunny to clam her down, that its okay. Then my lion head bunny lets my dutch bunny lick her face. Then i see my lion head bunny try to lick her back. Its like i am letting them bond slowing with little to no interference.

For getting them fixes,i would love to. But its so expensive. Do you good places to go?

Check with local rescues. They will be able to recommend exotic-pet veterinarians that will either work with you on payments or offer low cost options. It may be more than what you'd like to pay, but you're risking the health of both your girls. I'm begging you to get this done immediately. It will help with aggression (making it easier to bond) and will increase the lifespan of your pets. Please see the link below for additional information.


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