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5 week old Californian, female. She has suffered from 'poopie butt' since she has gotten her fur. We have tried trimming the hair away from her, did not work. We have giving her 'baths' twice daily. The smell is horrid. She shares a cage with her mom and siblings (8 bunnies), none of the others have had this issue. She is the only bunny that when picked up excretes a 'milky' discharge from her vaginal area (a quite a bit of it) . Her fur is becoming discolored. We took all rabbits in the cage off of pellets and fed them all dry oatmeal and gave them wheat straw to aid in drying her up. That has not worked, we are on day 8 and still 'poopie' butt. Please help!


First things first, if you're able to, I'd separate her to be able to observe her better. She might not be eating enough if she's with a group of 8.
I'd also switch from wheat straw to a timothy hay or orchard grass. Are you feeding her any greens? You might also try that to get up her nutrient levels.
Last, but certainly not least, this sounds like a serious concern. Medical attention might need to be the next step as something like soft poo's can be a symptom of more serious issues.


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