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I found a baby bunny approx. 2 months old, I have had her inside 3 weeks and she has been fine.  I came home from 6 hrs at work and she wasn't as perky, went to cuddle her noticed small bit of runny poo.
Within 2 hrs of that she was covered in diarrhea.  I have tried forcing water with a dropper she is still just blah.
She fights me giving her water but she changed  so quickly and now 4 hrs later still alive but won't drink unless I force it.
Went online to get help since no vets work on bunnies where I live and they suggested sugar/salt h20 every hour.  She is precious and just want to help her get better.  Thank you so much for what ever help you can supply

Hi Kelli!

Two things I'd recommend trying asap - if you have a pet supply store nearby, call and see if they have a product called critical care. It's a shredded mix that is added to water and syringe fed - full of nutrients and will get her some nutrition.
Second thing to try - baby food. Also nutritious, and comes in flavors they like.

Also make sure a steady supply of hay is available.

Hope this helps. Best of luck!


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