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I have just recently purchased a Netherland Dwarf junior. She has no pedigree nor do I have access to the owner anymore. She is completely healthy and active, but she does have some tattoos I'm confused about. In her left ear is a red vertical line, and in the right is a blue vertical curved cane-like shape. Do you know if these are tattoos just for her identification at her old home, or are they marks from previous shows? Thanks!

The Tattoo in the left ear is for the owners idtification. the left tattoo is usually only for the ARBA registration # but what you have discribed soounds like they are just put there by the owner and have no ARBA meanning ( ARBA= American Rabbit Breaders assosiation)
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I have been raising Rabbits for over 25 Years and have raised all the breeds mentioned above along with a few others. I have been a member of the ARBA ( American Rabbit Breeders Accociation) www.arba.net since 1985.I currently have a 1300 sqft barn that is Heated and colled to maintain 7o degrees all year long. We show our rabbits all over The USA and have been in the top ten breeders during the last 5 years in several different breeds.

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