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hi there im so very upset, its the not knowing ! this afternoon I put my rabbit merlin of 5yrs old in run,i then get my lop eared rabbit out of hutch & popin the other side of run so there separated by iron mesh , as there 2 boys ive always done it this way incase they fight as merlin used to being on his own! I come back from a trip out with children to see merlins leg poking out of his hutch as I always put hutches in run just incase of rain they av shelter , I ten see that the other rabbit is in merlins side of the run hoping around I just shout & panic,knowing that somethings wrong with merlin I grab the hutch pou to find merlin on his side dead im now in such shock & upset crying...... theres no sign of fur on grass or no blood on merlin so to me no sign of fighting /?/ I am however thinking the lop being only a yr is very active would he of frightened merlin into shock, im struggling here as I love my animals as most I loved merlin as he was more like a little dog,the only way I can see the rabbit getting over was to jump through top mesh but I just cant get my head around it :( feeling sad & in need of answers to try to explain a happy full of life merlin to 1 that's now wrapped in a blanket :( jo x

I'm sorry for your loss. Since there's no blood or signs of a fight, the choices are limited on why Merlin passed, especially since you didn't mention any changes in his behavior or appetite. Cancer is a possibility, so is shock. Without an autopsy it's hard to really tell.


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