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Rabbits/mini rex having still born kits


My broken black mini rex had one baby when she was about 7 months old. Her baby was stillborn. We bred her again and she had 4 kits the very day we expected her to have them. My hubby went out and checked on her, she at that time had 3kits, all of them stillborn. She had ate off one of the kits bodies and left the head. We went out later and found she had another kit right in the cage, not birthing area and it too was stillborn. Apparently she has something wrong with her because this is her 2nd litter and not one survived so I don't think I will breed her again. Do you have any ideas as to what caused her to have stillborn kits and why she ate one of them and left just the head? Thankyou, Karen Reinhardt

I think it's wise not to breed her anymore. She may have something wrong with her reproductive organs. The rate of cancer in those organs is high for rabbits.

As for the other question... it's like a burial ritual - them coming to terms with the stillborn. Other animals do it too when they lose their young.


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