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Hello Christine

I want to thank you for helping me out with my rabbits. I followed your advice on getting my rabbits spray. Their apportionment is next week. I was able to fine a low cost clinic like you have told me to research. When my too girls get fixed what should i keep an eye on. Like the goods and the bad. And how should take care of them after surgery? I am the girl that had two bunnies. One dutch that is 2 years old and one lion head that is one. I asked about changing thier cages.


Hello! I'm glad to see you found some low-cost options to help extend the life and health of your buns. Some things to be aware of after surgery:

Because they were under anesthesia, you'll want to keep a close eye on their eating/pooping habits until they return to normal (anesthesia slows down their GI tract). It should be approximately 24-48 hours before they're at least eating hay and pooping some normal poops. Avoid any sugary treats until you see them back to those normal habits. If you don't see them return to this activity, you'll need to reach out to the vet for further assistance. They may send you home with benebac as well - this is a yellowish goo substance that contains natural flora found in their gut. Most bunnies like it, so I hope you'll find it easy to distribute.

They will not be permitted to have a whole lot of activity for at least a week or two - the length of time will depend on how your bunnies are sutured. Make sure they have access to water and food down at their level so they don't have to stretch or jump to get to anything.

Outside of these few things, lots of cuddles and love (on the floor, of course) will probably be required, as I find sometimes bunnies are a little "put out" about being put under. You might get snubbed with a few bunny butts, but keep at it. They'll forgive you.

Hope this helps. Good luck!


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