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I got a rabbit yesterday, she is two months old. She managed to get out of her pen and into the chickens pen. After giving the chickens heart attacks she almost got to the woods nextdoor, which would mean bye bye Cookie (her name is Cookie). If my sister had not grabbed her she would not be here. I LOVE LOVE LOVE her soooooooo much I don't want to lose her again and ever since I put her back in her run with my sister's rabbit Percy she has been really scared of my sister and me. I've fixed the run door with a nail. Is there anyway I can regain her trust.

It will take time, and it will be on Cookie's schedule - not yours. For now, get on the ground and just talk to her. Let her come over and sniff/explore you while you're laying down. Don't reach out and try to touch her. Let her tell you when she's ready for you to be a friend. Bunnies are a prey animal, and so it's a natural thing for them to be afraid of everything and everyone. Some signs that she's ready for a pet:
She will present her head for a stroke - head down, ears flat along her back, laying in sphinx position
She will nudge your hand/face (specifically these areas) with her nose
She will flop down within arms reach of your face

For now, be patient. Bunnies take a while to trust, and you're both new to each other.


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