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Rabbits/Severe Weight Loss, Is There A High Calorie Supplement?


My rabbit Hutch has lost an extreme amount of weight, several pounds. I've been to the vet twice in the last 30 days and go back next week. Hutch has a chronic case of the Snuffles, and nothing seems to be clearing it this time. My vet advised me to feed him more leafy greens and to use timothy hay, but he doesn't eat a lot and has no interest in hay at all anymore. My vet also had me start giving him Oxbow Critical care. Which is fine, but Hutch isn't taking in enough each day to put on weight. The vet said to give him 3 Tbls if he was eating and 6 if he was not. It needs to be mixed with 2x the amount of water also, so it is a lot for him to take in. I have to syringe feed it to him through out the day. Is there a high calorie supplement I can feed him? I know they make Nutrical for dogs and cats and Ferretvite for ferrets, but is there a similar product that I can give Hutch? Or at least something that doesn't require such a large quantity to be taken each day?

If you're looking for high calorie content, Alfalfa hay has a rich balance of nutrients and is usually a favorite for rabbits. It's typically fed to baby bunnies to help them grow and is rarely recommended as a daily supplement for adults, however if your bun is having trouble gaining/keeping weight, this might be the answer.

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