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My 4 year old male holland lop has slowly stopped eating his pellets and hay and I don't think he's drinking. the only thing he will eat is veggies. What is the cause of this? The soonest I can take him to the vet is Wednesday.

Hi Kylie
Sorry to hear about your bun.

I would recommend you get to the vet ASAP. The most common cause is dental issues, with veg being the softest thing to eat. Your bun needs to be checked for molar spurs - dental spikes jabbing into his cheeks and can go so far as to damage the eyes and respiratory system too.

There can be other reasons for diet changes, but there's some serious discomfort somewhere that needs urgent attention. Eating just veg will be doing him no favours and could cause secondary gut problems.

Get to the vet ASAP! He could well be a lot worse by Wednesday.

Good luck!!


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I can answer questions around the welfare of pet rabbits, basic health queries including gut stasis, diet worries and the proper welfare standards around housing rabbits (i.e. no wire floors, no small cages and they should be kept in properly bonded de-sexed pairs in very large enclosures). I cannot answer showing questions nor complex breeding issues as I do not agree with either, seeing the other end of the story in the world of rabbit rescue. If your rabbit is in distress, has any blood, isn't moving, has breathing issues or isn't eating, my answer will be, go to the vet!


I have two 10 year old rescue rabbits and have volunteered in rabbit rescue.

I belong to the RWAF (Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund) and have volunteered for a rabbit rescue.

I have no formal education on this subject, however read everything I can to keep up to date with current welfare standards and health problems. Both my rabbits have sensitive guts and constantly keep me on my toes.

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