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Rabbits/Can't tell breed for rabbit! Plz help clarify


Dwarf bunny?
Dwarf bunny?  

Dwarf bunny?
Dwarf bunny?  
I am in the market to buy a pet bunny for my daughter. I found this cutie and was planning on picking her up tomorow. The owner does not know the breed, I know it's a dwarf of some kind, but after hours of research I can't tell which  netherland...polish..hotot? The ears seem oddly long..I'm so concerned because I heard polish make great pets, but Netherlands tend to be more cranky, and not a good choice for kids. I would really like to know more before I buy her. Thank you so much for your time!

She's sweet, but I have to ask - have you done any research, or are you doing this on a whim? Truth be told, rabbits do not generally make good pets for kids. Children want animals that will follow them around... someone they can play with and hold and cuddle, an animal that will even do some tricks. Despite the imagery we sometimes see, rabbits are not like this. Their diet is varied, their daily care is more involved than a dog or a cat, and their health care requires a vet specialized in seeing exotic animals.

Please review this link thoroughly, as there are simply not enough characters allowed here for me to tell you what you need to know. This was my first rabbit resource and it's really well written.

If you still have questions, please let me know.


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