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my lop eared bunny had a abccess 3 months which he had drained. he couldn't have it all removed due to it already starting leaking into his ear canal.

I have been monitoring his face/under ear daily then about a month ago, I noticed a strange bump....but couldn't feel anything..I kept feeling it every day then noticed that if you stroke you cant feel anything but if you grab the skin you can feel a lumpy "blob" and then if you dig your fingers into his skin/face you can feel a hard lump...but you really need to know where to feel to be able to feel it..you wouldn't feel it just by feeling under his ear (if this makes sense). I took him to the vets just over 2 weeks and he told me it was probally just scare tissue from the operation to remove the orginal abccess or it could be the start of a new abccess and to just keep an eye on it but to not worry (as I am a big worrier) if it doesn't grow.

I have done and it hasn't grown at all...but I still cant stop worrying. is there a chance that the abccess could have grown to a tiny lump and stop at the size and be dangerous or could it not be growing because it is leaking (though I am guessing it would have been happening for over a month now) or am I just worrying for no reason and the fact it hasn't grown, bother him (he loves he stroking it and feeling for it..he sits there for ages) and even lays on that side of his head, means that it is just scar tissue.

the vets I take him too are very good and the vet he seen had an additional small animal certificate.

if you could advise, I would really appreciate it.

many thanks

Dear Vicki,

The lump is most likely an abscess, and it may have to be surgically addressed.  Lop bunnies are especially susceptible to ear abscesses, due to their abnormal ear anatomy (no air gets in, and things can get mucky in the ear canal pretty easily.

If the situation is chronic, you might ask your *experienced rabbit vet* about marsupializing the ear, meaning to cut a slit along the base of the ear to widen the opening and allow easier cleaning and better access for air circulation.

You don't say where you are, but Dr. Frances Harcourt-Brown in Harrogate would be an excellent choice for a consultation.  If you can't get to her, then you might call her office and see if she can recommend a vet closer to you, whom she trusts to get it right.


I hope this helps.



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