QUESTION: Hello, I noticed my rabbit had a watery eye when I was refilling his water, it didn't look swollen but he didn't want to open it. My first thought was that he had something in it so I washed it gently with a wet cloth and it seemed it was sore and had light green goo in the corner. I don't live close to a vet that sees small animals so I'm not sure what to do or if its serious. Can you help?

ANSWER: It sounds like it could be serious. Try a chamomile tea - brew a cup and let it cool to room temp, then soak a washrag in it and wipe the eye. That's a natural way to clean it.

Does it look like there's anything in it?

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QUESTION: It doesn't look like there's anything in it, but I heard rabbits commonly get eye infections so I'm worried.

They can have "weepy eye" for any number of reasons - there could be a bit of dust or hay in it, they might have scratched it, or they could have dental issues that manifest in symptoms of eye issues.

How are you doing with the chamomile? If the chamomile doesn't help it in a day or two, I'd call a vet because it could be something more serious.


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