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I have not received any revert from your side. I again request you to write something for our readers.
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black rex rabbits
black rex are one of the most lovely rabbits when in full coat,the fur is like velvet just like a proper fur coat , but in moult they are like well worn carpets.
when in moult you cannot do anything to speed it up just let it take its cause
they should weigh about 4 lbs when adult and no bigger.
each rex should be kept in its own cage with sawdust about 1" thick on the floor as rex are very prone to sore hocks.
all my rex are fed on pellets and water and sometimes a little veg once a week. nothing else
once you have them  feeding don't go changing the food as this could cause the runs.when mating put the buck to the doe and if she is ok it should take no more than 2-3 mins.
then remove the buck quickly as she may try and bite him.
gestation is 28-32 days and the doe must be left on her own , she may start to pull fur off her chest when the birth is near so ensure she has plenty of hay to make a nest.
do not interfere with her as she may get upset an kill the babies.
rex rabbits make lovely pets but you must groom them every day and ensure the cage is kept as clean as possible
the cage needs a good clean out once a weeek but if she has young do not clean it.all babies have to stay with the doe for at least 7 weeks then they can be separated.
one thing to remember is that all rabbits are classed as an adult at 5 months old  


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Dave Lawrence


I can answer questions about breeding and showing rabbits. I have been breeding Black Rex rabbits for the past 10 years and have won numerous prizes for showing them. Ive also done a fair amount of judging.

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