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Rabbits/Baby bunny with leg deformities?


Hello Miss/Mrs . Whetstone
I am a small rabbitry that raises show quality rabbits to donate to 4-H. I recently had a litter of dutch born that all seemed healthy. They are now 2 weeks old and starting to move around. I have noticed the runt in the litter keeps one back leg real close up to its body and kind of curled in. When it attempts to walk it seems to always fall over the opposite way. Any ideas? And is the rabbit going to learn to adapt or should we cull it?

I cant really say for sure without seeing the rabbit. Personally I wouldn't kill an animal just because of a disability (we certainly don't consider that an option with people, now do we?). So give the lil one a chance. Find a reputable sanctuary if you don't want to put in the work. Just please don't put it down for this.  


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