Hi, im kaitlyn.
I have a bunny and his name is Micheal. we are moving right now. My mom dosent want him in the house but im worried for him to be outside. I was wondering how i can make sure no bugs come in or any racoons or possums? i really care about him and i dont want anything bad to happen to him. Any ideas? Also, my mom dosent want me to buy him a cage so right now we are using an old dog cage. We built a second level for him to jump on. Please reply asap, thank you!

I'm sorry to hear that your situation is not the best. Your mom is not allowing you to purchase an outdoor hutch for Michael? That's a shame.
Since the ideal situation would not work out for you, I'd suggest a slightly larger cage so you can cover half of it to allow for a shaded and protected area. This will make your bun feel safe - somewhere to hide, just like an animal of prey would need. In addition, I'd also include a small "house" within the cage for him to dart into, so that he has a small hidey-hole to run into if it gets too scary. Look for one that also allows for a padlock to be put on the cage. This will keep out not just raccoons and possums, but also nosy or ill-meaning neighbors. I'd recommend a screen - sort of like what you see in your porch door - to keep out the bugs. You can find loose rolls of it at hardware stores.

Hope this helps!


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