I have 2 mini lops one girl and one boy, we just got them neutered at 15 weeks, the boy comes to me all the time and will let me pick him up and pet him, but the girl doesn't she just runs away from me all the time and won't let me pick her up or go anywhere near her, but i really want to be able to, are you able to suggest ways that i can bond with her more and get her to like me. Thank you

Some rabbits never lime being cuddled. You have to remember that each bun will have its own personality and likes and dislikes. Try laying down on the floor and just letting her sniff and climb on you. Don't try to pick her up. Let her make "the moves" and start small... treats and petting reinforce that you're not someone to be afraid of. They're prey animals by instinct and you have to break them of that habit


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