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Rabbits/difficult in urination and blood in urine


Dear Christine,

My 10 years old, male rabbit have blood in urine(true hematuria, not food colour)yesterday morning. In the afternoon the colour of the urine have become normal again. His other symptom include difficult in urination(urine in small amount and it seem forcing himself to urinate) and wet bottom. he still have good appitite and still grooming his mate. Last year April he had head tilt with suspicious of e.cuniculi and was treated with tetracycline and monthly dose of selamectin.

I hope i have a few opinion before i bring my bunny to vet which  will open tomorrow and i dont expect vet in my country to have culture, blood test, urine test or imaging for rabbit because we dont have those facility.....

Please tell me the diagnosis base on ur experiance and tell he how to differentiate those list of diagnosis you made and the treatment and prognosis.

thank you


I'm sorry, but blood and urine tests, and possibly body scans, are the best way to diagnose what's happening with your bunny. It could be any number of things and I'm not in a position to correctly guess which one it is. Hopefully you can find a vet with these types of facilities - a vet that has a specialist for exotics will usually have access to those types of technologies to correctly diagnose. If you can't find one on your own, contact local rescues to see where they treat their small animals.

Best of luck.


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