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I gave my friend a rabbit a few months ago that was in really good health. I went to go pick up her female rabbit because she wanted to breed her. Come to find out, I noticed she was really skinny. I told my friend that her rabbit was extremely emaciated, you can feel very bone in her body and no muscle tone to her. Her diet wasn't all that great when i picked her up from my friend. So I have brought home the rabbit with me and put her in her own cage, but I have noticed she isn't urinating properly and its matting her fur in her hind quarters. What should I do about putting weight back on her and her urinating problem? I really need your help... I'm afraid that she internal organs may shut down on her.

Critical care. I believe pet stores should have it. If bun won't eat it willingly, mix it with a little baby food. If you can't find Critical Care, try baby food just by itself.
Alfalfa hay will get some weight back on your little girl. Not too much - mix it in with some orchard grass or timothy hay. No sugary snacks or treats for now either.
Introduce greens - one at a time - to help give her some nutrition as well.

As for the urination, try taking a warm wet cloth and cleaning the area gently (bunny burrito is recommended). You might need to clip some of the fur away as well, so have a buddy to help you hold her and a small pair of scissors handy if needed.

Hoping for the best for you. Keep me posted!


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