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Hello, I just recently got a new bunny. The store said it was bout 4 months, if I remember correctly. The animal was very nice in the store. Upon getting it home, it became very scared. It does not appear to be eating or drinking, either. She was eating his bedding, but I didn't think that was good, so I removed the bedding and put in a towel to lay on. I was trying to feed her the rabbit food, but with no luck. I just don't think that it not eating is very good. She also has pooped very little and I don't even think it has urinated since we got her.

Critical care is sold at most pet stores. Mix it with warm water and try to syringe feed. If that doesn't work, try mixing it with some baby food. You can also try introducing some greens to see if your bun is interested - that would give both nutritional and water content.

Hope this answers your question, and best of luck!


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