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Hi. I'm really hoping you can help. My bunny Oreo is a dwarf never land mix and around 2 - 3 years old. He loves going outside and we let him play. He goes in our yard for hours because you can't catch him he's so fast. We have tried fences for him but he gets out anyway.  He has been eating and drinking fine. Oreo is kept inside and we have central air which helps cool him down. He was all find until about a week ago. All of a sudden he doesn't like being held for very long. He used to fall asleep on us because he was being held and liked it. He nips at everything now . He never really bites unless he needs to go to his cage so we naturally think ' OK you need to go to your cage' but then all he does is sit or lie down to sleep. He's normally so energetic.  Also, when we are in the room he normally faces us but all he does is stare at the wall. If I were to describe him last week I would say happy and full of life but now all i can say is depressed. I treat him as family and would like advice. Thanks.


Is Oreo fixed? Sometimes these random mood swings are due to fluctuating hormones. Has he been exposed to anyone or anything while not in your presence. The other thing that comes to mind is that if he was unsupervised at any point and something traumatic happened to him, he could be stressed.

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