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I have an 8 year old Holland Lop Doe with one side of her head blocked and the other side limited.  I've taken her to the Vets at U.C. Davis Small Animal clinic and have been told she needs a Rhinotomy to have her sinus cleared.  I'm told that her condition is sever.  Does anyone have experience in this procedure and do i have any other options?    Also does anyone have experience using pediatric antihistamines on bunnies?

Dear Steve,

A rhinotomy is, indeed, a radical procedure.  But if there is a veterinarian there who actually can do this safely (it requires some pretty specialized equipment!), then it might be something to consider.

But I agree with you that trying less invasive measures first might be productive.  I know of some who use pediatric Benadryl to reduce swelling and this can help.  But if the maxillary sinus is really blocked completely by dental intrusion, antihistamines might not fix the problem.

Since I have no idea how severely blocked her sinus is, I really can't advise you well on which path to take.  Can she breathe through her nose at all?  If not, then something needs to be done to open her airways.  You might ask the vet about nasal flushing, which must be done with great care to avoid aspiration.  But it can provide good relief.  A tear duct flush might also help, but will not work if the sinus is completely blocked.

It all depends on WHAT is blocking the sinus:  bone/tooth?  soft tissue?  bacterial overgrowth/pus?  Mucus?  Each of these would require a different approach to clear.

I hope things go well with your little bun.



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