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My bunnies eyes are flowing and kind of red. We keep her in a stable passage with opened 'windows'. maybe it is the air flowing or dust..? What can I do? It is hard to get to the eyes when she is always closing..

Could be several things - she could be having an allergic reaction to something in the environment (allergy season, dust from bedding, dander from other animals nearby, etc.), she could have an irritant in there (a bit of hay or dirt that isn't clearing out), or it could be something more serious like a dental issue or an abscess.

A gentle home remedy that might work - depending on what's wrong with her - is a chamomile wipe. Brew some chamomile tea and let it cool, then take a soft wash cloth and get it damp with the tea, then GENTLY wipe the eyes and surrounding area. If it's not getting any better in a few days, you definitely need to take her to the vet.


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